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GLC Turns 40 Today!

GLC Gateshead Lawnmower Centre 40th Anniversary
What does family mean to you? To us it means loyalty, respect, compassion, team work and a lot of tolerance…why? Because we work together… everyday!
Today marks a very special day for Gateshead Lawnmower Centre 40 years ago today Colin, Ged and their Dad Les decided to open the doors to GLC, servicing and selling garden machinery throughout the North East of England.
GLC 40th Anniversary - Gateshead Lawnmower Centre
Sadly Colin passed away 5 years ago this month and Trevor – Colin’s son stepped forward and took the reins (a position he has clearly been training for his whole life ☺️) Trevor has a vast of knowledge and experience that can only provide GLC with a further 40 years to look forward to.
They have been extremely fortunate to have a steady and consistent team with them, including: Colin’s wife Doreen, Ged’s wife Isabel, Elizabeth with 38 years service and Liam with 14 years of service and me Gemma (Trevor’s partner) 5 years service so far.
GLC 40th Anniversary - Gateshead Lawnmower Centre
I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate them all on such a magnificent milestone (as they are far too humble to do so themselves) I wanted to thank our staff, past and present for their service and of course a huge thank you to all of our customers!!!
Cheers and here’s to many more years

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