How to find your Model / Serial Numbers (Electric Mowers)

To find the correct parts for electric mowers you will need Model / Product / Serial Number from the data plate. This badge / sticker is usually located at the back of the machine as illustrated below.  You will also find your Year of Manufacture here as well

Electric Mower Model + Serial + Product Numbers


How to find Model / Serial Numbers (Petrol Mower)

Petrol lawnmowers have two different sets of information: A) Lawnmower Data B) Engine Data.  The lawnmowers data can be located at the front, top, back or side of the machine, as illustrated below along. This information is required for Blades, Wheels, Handles, Cables, Grass Bags and all other “Chassis” components.

Petrol Mower Model + Serial + Product Numbers


How to find Model / Serial Numbers (Petrol Engine)

Your engine may be produced by an entirely different manufacturer than the mower/lawn tractor (e.g., Briggs & Stratton, Honda, or similar). It’s essential to find your engine’s manufacturing data if you require parts for the engine. The location can vary depending on the brand; however, it’s normally always ‘stamped’ or ‘engraved’ into the engine block or metal covers around the engine. Furthermore, you’ll need this information for Air Filters, Oil Filters, Carburettors, and even Spark Plugs in most cases.

Honda Petrol Engine Serial Number Location


How to find Model / Serial Numbers (Ride On Mowers)

Ride-On Mowers / Lawn Tractors also carry 2 different sets of data: A) Lawn Tractor Data B) Engine Data. Depending on the manufacturer, this additional info can normally be found on or under the bonnet, under the seat or on the lower main chassis frame (just below the engine).  Use the arrows to see alternative location and our sample data tag.

Ride On Mower Model + Serial + Product Numbers

For any other products not mentioned here (Brush Cutters, Cultivators, Hedge Cutters, Tillers or Trimmers) just use the same methods as above to locate your model, serial or product numbers prior to Contacting Us otherwise we may not be able to assist you.