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GLC Gateshead Lawnmower Centre 40th Anniversary

GLC Turns 40 Today!

What does family mean to you? To us it means loyalty, respect, compassion, team work and a lot of tolerance…why? Because we work together… everyday! Today marks a very special day for Gateshead Lawnmower Centre 40 years ago today Colin, Ged and their Dad Les decided to open the doors to GLC, servicing and selling […]

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Shelf Life of Petrol E5 / E10 BP

Unleaded Petrol Problems in Garden Machinery

Unleaded Petrol Problem You may have heard stories of people having unleaded petrol problems with modern day fuels but may not have experienced, or even be aware of the problems yourself. In the world of Petrol Powered Garden Machinery; we see these problems on a daily basis for 2 main reasons: Garden Machinery tends to […]

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Moss & Thatch Removal

Dealing With Moss & Thatch For A Healthy Lawn

A common misconception is that thatch is just grass cuttings that have not decomposed.  Grass cuttings can certainly add fuel to a thatch problem once it exists, but in some circumstances (where “Mulch Mowers” are involved) the cuttings can be very beneficial to the lawn and the soil.  When grass cuttings decompose or “recycle” within […]

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Filter Your Search For A New Petrol Mower

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new home of GLC | Gateshead Lawnmower @ www.jungle-busters.co.uk There’s been a lot of work going on behind the scenes and we’ve been burning the midnight oil for 12 months or more to finally bring you our website. Hopefully it’s been worth the wait! We’ve tried to make items a lot easier […]

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